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Throughout the year various elected officials are preparing budgets, considering what to include in general obligation bonds, preparing capital outlay proposals, and voting on these amounts. When revenues are declining elected officials have to make difficult decisions on where to cut back. They want to hear from you about your concerns to help them make these decisions.

Let them know that Library funding is a priority for you. Every personal contact, email, phone call or letter will have an influence and will help to increase library funding, especially when they are considering specific funding decisions.

         Use the Elected Officials links for contact information.

         See What's New, FAQs, and Library Statistics for the facts you need to make a case for increased funding.

When is the best time to contact them?
The best way to get current information about dates for public meetings and the dollar amounts proposed for operating budgets and library bonds is to check What's New and to sign up to receive the Support ABC Libraries emails.

In general, the major State, County, and City funding activities follow the schedule below.

         January - March (even years): County Commissioners discuss what to include in the general obligation bonds to be proposed to the voters in November.

         January - March (odd years): City Council discusses and approves City Bond amounts.

         January: Library Day at the State Legislature; state representatives and senators need input on State Library Bonds.

         April - May: Public City Council hearings on the proposed City Budget.

         April - May (even years): Public hearings on County Bonds held by County Commissioners.

         May - June: City Budget is voted on by the Council and signed by the Mayor.

         December: State Representatives and Senators write proposals for capital outlay money for the next year. The Library uses capital outlay money to build new libraries and renovate old ones.


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