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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Who determines the ABC Libraries materials budget?

All library materials are purchased with General Obligation Bond funds. Every other year, the City and County bond for library materials. The bond amount is set by our elected officials. Libraries compete with other divisions and departments of the County and City such as Pulic Words, Public Safety, and other public facilities (museums, parks, community centers) to determine what amount of the limited bond capacity will be for books and library buildings. From time to time, the State of New Mexico will bond for libraries, also.

Bond issues are on the ballot and if they pass, the library receives that set amount of money to purchase needed library materials over the two year bond cycle.

The next bond election will be November 6th, 2012. Both Bernalillo County and the State of New Mexico will have a library bond issue on that ballot. The next City bond election will in 2013.

2.     Why isn't my library open more hours?

In order to extend library hours, more staff is needed. In FY08, the library initiated a plan to have all libraries open 60 hours each week within 3 years. Unfortunately, the operating budget was reduced in FY08 as well as in FY09, FY10 and FY11. Since FY06, budgeted library positions have decreased by 24%. while total budgeted City positions have decreased by only 3%. The Library Advisory Board will continue advocacy to increase library hours. If this is important to you, please tell your City Councilor or County Commissioner.

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